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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tattoo hurt?

Yes. All tattoos hurt to varying degrees depending on their location and how long they take. Though it is more of a discomfort than a sharp pain. Of course no two people will experience the pain in the same way. What might be terrible for one person could be minor for another and vice versa.

Do You tattoo minors with parental permission?

No. Even with parental permission I wont tattoo anybody under the age of 18. If you really want a tattoo that badly it won't hurt you to wait a couple more years.

Do you tattoo hands, necks or faces?

Rarely. I will tattoo these spots on a case by case basis. Having tattoos in these spots is very likely to make getting several jobs difficult or impossible. Somebody getting tattooed in these spots should already have quite a lot of visible tattoos and understand the repercussions of being tattooed in these places.

Do you do free touch ups?

Yes. If you come back within 12 months of your original appointment I will do a free touch up for your tattoo. Any problems faced after more than that period of time are going to result from the regular wear and tear that comes with having tattoos on skin that is constantly growing, aging, and being exposed to sunlight or injury.

Do you use vegan friendly products?

Yes. Almost all ink brands these days are vegan friendly and the ones i use specifically are as well.

How much does a sleeve cost?

How much does a blue car cost? a Sleeve is a very large tattoo and can take different amounts of time depending on design, details, the size of the person getting it, etc. There is no set price for something as large as a sleeve. The cost will be determined by how long it takes to complete.

Do you sell all the aftercare products I’ll need?

I do not sell aftercare products. Most products required to care for your tattoos can be purchased at any pharmacy or grocery store. I will advise you on what product I feel is best for the healing process.

I want a tattoo but I’m on a limited budget. How do you determine pricing?

Pricing is generally done by the hour. My rate is $200/hr, for large pieces I have a day rate of $1000 for anything that takes 5 hours or longer for a session. Tattoos can also be broken up into multiple sessions to accommodate your budget(or pain threshold). Prices for custom flash are all set prices determined by the piece. All prices do not include tax.

Do you do Haida, Portrait or Realism tattoos?

No. I primarily do Traditional, Neo Traditional, and Japanese style tattoos. I've spent years practicing those styles and they are what I am best at. There are other artists out there who specialize in these styles and I would rather you get that kind of tattoo from somebody who is excellent at them than take your money and do a tattoo not as well as those artists could do for you.

Is your equipment clean and sterile?

Yes. Every surface I use is cleaned with medical grade disinfectant. All needles, and inks are single use and sterilized in an autoclave to health code standards,

Why wont you tattoo My significant others name on me?

Because I've had to cover them up more often than I get asked to do them. Getting peoples names tattooed in general isn't the best idea, but doing it for someone who can break your heart is an exceptionally bad idea. And I'm sure that will never happen to you, but divorce statistics tell a different story. 40% is a pretty big gamble for something that can be expressed much easier with a piece of jewelry.

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